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Spectrum Property Care is aware that many of our customers have varying needs or a disability which may affect how they may view and access the web.

We are committed to ensuring that all of our content and facilities can be used by all our customers. The following highlights some of the initiatives designed to make the Web site interface and content more usable and accessible.


  • Text can be resized to be larger or smaller in all web browsers.
  • We have tried to use colours throughout the Web site that provide maximum contrast between foreground and background items.
  • All graphics and images throughout the web site have been assigned an Alt-text attribute, which describes the contents or function of the item.
  • Speech enabled: the website works with the majority of screen readers.



The overall web site has been designed to provide users with a seamless view and user experience of the company.

The framework and interface has been designed to provide a consistent structure throughout the web site, so users will know exactly where to find navigation, content and important functionality and information.


  • The navigation structure is designed with ease of use in mind, featuring a high level top navigation and additional information relevant to your current section on the left.
  • Where downloads are used they are provided in Adobe PDF format which is a popular accessible document reading software. Other formats such as Microsoft Word are also provided where possible.
  • A translated page is visible in the top right corner of all pages for non English speakers.
  • Links are descriptive where possible to aid the browsing of the website.



This site has been designed using responsive design, meaning the display will adapt to all common screen sizes.


The Spectrum Property Care's web site has been designed to comply with the guidelines issued by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Their Website Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) define three levels of accessibility, each progressively more demanding. The most basic level of accessibility is Priority 1 (level A compliance) followed by Priority 2 and 3 (levels AA and AAA).

This site complies with all Priority 1 (A) guidelines of the W3C Website Accessibility Guidelines. Many pages within this site exceed Level A by satisfying the majority of Level AA and AAA compliance requirements.

Accessibility and Translation software

Our website has accessibility and translation software available from the listen and translate link at the top of each page .  If you click on this link a Recite Me toolbar will appear which allows you to have the website content spoken to you, as well as being able to change the font size, font and background colours, plus translating the website to another language.


The BBC website have a section called My Web, My Way. The section talks about the benefits of making an accessible website along with some great information on how to change your accessibility settings.

Spectrum Property Care are fantastic and allow us to concentrate on the delivery of our services safe in the knowledge that the maintenance and upkeep of our property portfolio is in safe hands. Borough of Poole
What a wonderful job, he is a credit to Spectrum, very polite, knew his job and very helpful Spectrum Housing Goup Resident
A big thank you to the guys from Spectrum. They have done a beautiful job, worked long hours and were very tidy Torbay and Devon Care Trust
Just a quick note to say thank you for your and your Teams efforts to date. In the insurance world the South West has always been an area difficult to cover due to the widespread geography and distances between the major towns and cities. Since joining our network we have fewer rejections and complaints than ever before and this is predominantly as a result of the works being undertaken by Spectrum. To date you have been an invaluable addition to our Network and we look forward to continuing to work together in Partnership and growing our respective books of business. Mitie365
What can I say, there are huge smiley faces at school. You and the team you put in place are truly amazing. What you have all done is so important by saving us this outlay to fix the roof. Our faith in the community has been totally restored by your kindness Montacute School
Westward Housing Group are pleased to be continuing the close working relationship it has with SPC and look forward to building on this to continue providing our customers a great service Tim Lewry, Asset Manager (Maintenance), Westward Housing Group
For over 10 years we have successfully worked closely with SPC to improve efficiency and the customer experience for our residents in all aspects of service delivery Mike Harrison, Director of Technical Services, Poole Housing Partnership Ltd
As a Technical Officer for Dorset Accessible Homes Service in Dorset I have been involved in administering bathroom adaptations using Spectrum Property Care since December 2015 and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The feedback from our clients and my personal experience from dealing direct with the contractors have been of the highest praise on their communication, consideration for the client and especially the quality and finish of work. Barrie Watkinson, Technical Officer, Millbrook Healthcare