Windows and gutters

Planned Maintenance

Window Cleaning

The water used is zero parts per billion (0ppb) which is one thousand times purer than water at zero parts per million (0ppm) and because pure water cleans by dissolving dirt ions, it dissolves 1,000 times more dirt than water of 0ppm. 

The telescopic pole system can be operated from ground level by one person up to 55ft. It reduces time taken to complete window cleaning works with reduced personnel – a win win situation for clients. 

Window Cleaning is carried out using the Ionic Reach and Wash System and our staff have been trained by specialist trainers from The British Window Cleaning Academy which includes theory and practical training.

Gutter Cleaning

We use the new high level, wet and dry vacuum cleaning and inspection system (SpaceVac) which enables trade teams to operate the telescopic equipment from ground level. The unit is self-powered utilising a generator to provide electricity. 

The system has a camera and viewing screen attached giving the ability to inspect the roof and gutters at the same time, providing photographic evidence of the end result or any potential roofing issues. 

We deliver this service to residential, commercial and industrial properties up to four storey level. Beyond this height we use tower scaffold equipment and employ two trade staff (one with Mobile Elevating Work Platform certification) on these works. 

The window cleaning and gutter cleaning equipment can be held on one van and both services delivered at one visit to provide further value for money.

Benefits for clients

  • One visit - Windows, gutters, façades, soffits, signage and fascia all cleaned in one visit
  • Less cost - no need to hire expensive access equipment like scaffolding or cherry pickers. Buildings up to 4 storeys high can be cleaned from ground level by one operative.
  • Less time - no constant moving of ladders or access equipment means effective cleaning in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.
  • Less risk - Health and Safety issues normally associated with working at height are minimised
  • Value for money – SPC will have both cleaning systems available at each visit combining the gutter and window cleaning as one visit when this is required rather than delivering them separately.



We’re fully insured to carry out these works.

For all your window and gutter requirements contact Spectrum Property Care.

Spectrum Property Care are fantastic and allow us to concentrate on the delivery of our services safe in the knowledge that the maintenance and upkeep of our property portfolio is in safe hands. Borough of Poole
What a wonderful job, he is a credit to Spectrum, very polite, knew his job and very helpful Spectrum Housing Goup Resident
A big thank you to the guys from Spectrum. They have done a beautiful job, worked long hours and were very tidy Torbay and Devon Care Trust
Just a quick note to say thank you for your and your Teams efforts to date. In the insurance world the South West has always been an area difficult to cover due to the widespread geography and distances between the major towns and cities. Since joining our network we have fewer rejections and complaints than ever before and this is predominantly as a result of the works being undertaken by Spectrum. To date you have been an invaluable addition to our Network and we look forward to continuing to work together in Partnership and growing our respective books of business. Mitie365
What can I say, there are huge smiley faces at school. You and the team you put in place are truly amazing. What you have all done is so important by saving us this outlay to fix the roof. Our faith in the community has been totally restored by your kindness Montacute School
Westward Housing Group are pleased to be continuing the close working relationship it has with SPC and look forward to building on this to continue providing our customers a great service Tim Lewry, Asset Manager (Maintenance), Westward Housing Group
For over 10 years we have successfully worked closely with SPC to improve efficiency and the customer experience for our residents in all aspects of service delivery Mike Harrison, Director of Technical Services, Poole Housing Partnership Ltd
As a Technical Officer for Dorset Accessible Homes Service in Dorset I have been involved in administering bathroom adaptations using Spectrum Property Care since December 2015 and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The feedback from our clients and my personal experience from dealing direct with the contractors have been of the highest praise on their communication, consideration for the client and especially the quality and finish of work. Barrie Watkinson, Technical Officer, Millbrook Healthcare